Friday, April 25, 2014

Lose Weight Fast And Get Healthy

The struggle with weight and losing weight is something that most modern people are familiar with.  It seems that no matter how hard we try, no matter what diet we attempt, and despite the best attempts at exercise, most people have to re-visit the subject of losing weight over and over and over again.  And invariably, we get to the point where we want to know how to lose weight fast, because we get so sick of being overweight.

The fundamental issue is that people like to eat and relax.  It seems to be our nature to seek out food and a nice place to quietly sit... preferably with some great snacks and a nice, calorie filled drink.  It seems a shame that something that we all are so drawn to should be so damaging to us.

But isn't that the same thing for so many other things in nature?  My ant traps specifically entice ants to visit, sit, eat and die.  The same for rodent traps, the same for electric insect zappers.  So, really, we're no different than the rest of mother nature's creations.

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Except that's not really true.  We are very different.  We control our food sources.  We have advanced to the point where time for relaxation can be afforded daily.  So we have way too much access to high calorie foods and places to rest our ever-increasingly large backsides.

Listen, I don't want to go back to the stone ages.  We were in monster good shape, but we lived an average of 30 seconds before something killed us.  Times are good right now.  I like easy access to food and places to rest my behind.

But I didn't like the prospect of dying an early death from clogging my arteries and muscle atrophy.
I work with Dr. Frank Lawlis of the Dr. Phil Show.  Our work put us in contact with the latest developments in weight loss "technology".  I saw a lot of very questionable approaches come past my desk.

But I also saw some fascinating scientific approaches that were far from conventional.  And since I was overweight at the time, and had tried absolutely everything under the sun, I decided to try a few of these "techniques" I was finding.  

Now, let me be clear - these techniques WILL NOT work for everyone... and the Regulators specifically want me to tell you that my results ARE NOT typical.  I think that there are various reasons why this wouldn't work for you, so your best course of action is to follow my methods as I describe them and see how they work for you.  The bottom line is, if you've been overweight for a long time, this is worth trying.

I did, and the rest as they say, was history.  I lost 70 pounds - funny thing was that I only thought I had 40 to lose.  But these techniques literally changed my body type from one that sits all day, to one that looks athletic.

The fundamental thing I learned was that I had to get control over my over-eating problem.  I would raid the kitchen nightly, and I seemingly could not control myself.

Well, one of the funky "techniques" I learned worked to allow me to control my eating urges.  Once I could control my urges, I could finally get weight to stay off.  From that point on, it was a question of slowly adjusting the kinds of foods I was eating, how much I was eating, and figuring out what to do about exercise.  Which I'll get to in another post...

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